algorithmically evaluates the investment efficiency of top-100 influencers on the crypto market in the long and short term.

Services is the first and the biggest automatic rating of crypto influencers and ICO/STO projects. It’s a portal putting together influential analysts, ICO projects and investors. 

The TOPExperts rating makes the ICO / STO projects market and influencers reviews more transparent. Therefore, it protects investors from low-quality, fraudulent projects, and corrupt analysts.

We'll be glad to help quality ICOs / STOs projects to reach their target audiences and raise more funds.

No-one except us can make a winning strategy for you to get the maximum benefit from collaboration with experts. We help really good ICO/STO projects to raise funds.

Get personal access to the TOP influencers of ICO / STO market, considering their ROI, social weight and level of investors trust.


Services of the

# Name of service Basic package Package TOPExperts Package TOPExperts & Pools Package TOPExperts & Pools & Funds
1. Listing:        
1.1. Adding a project to the ICO list of the TOPExperts + + + +
1.2. Making changes to the project card - + + +
2. Analytics:        
2.1. Conducting an express analysis of the project (free of charge) + + + +
2.2. Writing detailed analytical reviews of ICO with a full list of advantages and disadvantages of the project. + + + +
2.3. Creating a list of individual recommendations for your ICO in order to raise funds from investors + + + +
3. Individual project presentation:        
3.1. Creation of an integrated individual strategy for working with ICO influencers for your project, taking into account the effectiveness of the experts (the social weight of the expert, the level of investor confidence in him, the correlation expert publications with fluctuations in asset rates) - + + +
3.2. Individual project presentation to experts + + + +
3.3. Individual project presentation to pools - - + +
3.4. Individual presentation of the project to investment funds - - - +
  Rating range from 6.5 to 10 from 6.5 to 10 from 6.5 to 10 from 6.5 to 10
  The number of experts in the package up to 3 experts 15 experts 20 experts + 10 pools 20 experts + 15 pools + 15 funds
  Guarantees Partner discounts from experts Partner discounts from experts Feedback from pools. Partner discounts from experts Feedback from pools. Partner discounts from experts
  Partner discounts on their services + + + +

We do not assign the rating to ICO analysts for money. Everything occurs automatically and it's formula based. You can find a more detailed description of the method of rating calculation in the Methodology page.

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DISCLAIMER all information is provided for informational purposes only. TOP Experts do not provide recommendations on investments (read more).