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The abbreviation ICO comes from Initial Coin Offering, which means initial token offer. A new ICO is a proposal to invest in projects powered by blockchain technology. Often the abbreviation is replaced by the terms "crowdsale" or "crowdfunding".
The goal of a new ICO is to attract a wide range of investors to receive financial support for a project. The advantages of this method compared to traditional investment (for example, by placing and selling shares of a company) are obvious. It is much faster, more convenient, meets the spirit of the time and avoids the bureaucratization of the process because the legal status of the ICO is not defined in many countries. The world community has not yet developed a regulatory framework, so the operation of every new ICO is based on an assessment of the profitability and team transparency, the developer's reputation, and other significant factors.
The TOPExperts algorithm automatically calculates a Smart Score (this is the average rating of a project from different ICO experts based on the analytical weight of the expert), which helps to determine the quality of ICO projects from the most trustworthy experts.
The new ICO list includes new ICOs and STOs, which were recently added to the projects rating of
Also, instead of ICO, another type of fundraising is gaining a popularity (already established trend) - STO (security token offering) - an upgraded ICO, in which the token performs the function of a security asset.

How to manage the purchased tokens?
New ICO investors who become owners of tokens can use them at their own discretion, for example:

  • use cryptocurrency to pay for services/goods at a cheaper price;
  • trade on exchange rates - if over time the project shows itself as successful, the value of its tokens will increase significantly and they can be sold with multiplied profit.
Joining a new ICO can also have an indirect goal. For example, providing support for an interesting project as an investor, creating conditions for the emergence of new developments or patents.

Is it profitable? How much can I earn?
In the ICO market, everyone has opportunities for earning: both those who generate new cryptocurrencies to attract investors, and the investors themselves, who have a chance to increase the capital.
As an indicator of the profitability of a new ICO, just one example: while capitalization during 2017 increased from $18 billion to 615 billion (34 times), in 2018 capitalization fell 4 times from $820 billion to 200. These figures indicate a high profitability of this type of assets, as well as high fluctuations in the rates of tokens and high risks of investing. To determine the level of profitability of a particular ICO project is possible only on its comprehensive analysis and assessment of the current market situation.
Of course, each new ICO project develops in its own way. Not all of them are going to gain a profit and reach success. Nevertheless, in practice there are many cases when the great ICOs got multimillion-dollar investments in a matter of hours of its existence.

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