algorithmically evaluates the investment efficiency of top-100 influencers on the crypto market in the long and short term.

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What is an active ICO?
An active ICO (also called ongoing ICO) is the main token sale and the crowdfunding stage. It means that this is the last chance where investors can make an investment in an initial coin offering project. After the token sale ends, tokens are delivered to investors. If an investor didn't take part during a stage of active ICO, you have to wait until the ICO project starts trading on the public exchanges. has created this active ICO list so that investors can spend less time researching promising initial coin offering projects.
Topexperts Features
The TOPExperts algorithm automatically calculates a Smart Score (this is the average rating of a project from different ICO experts based on the analytical weight of the expert), which helps to determine the quality of ICO projects from the most trustworthy experts.
The Active ICO list includes not only the ongoing ICOs in the public sale phase, but also projects in the active phase of the Private sale or pre-ICO.
Many top ICO projects close the fundraising campaign before the start of the Public sale, during the Private sale or pre-ICO phases.
Also, instead of ICO, another type of fundraising is gaining a popularity (already established trend) - STO (security token offering) - an upgraded ICO, in which the token performs the function of a security asset.

More about active ICOs
The active ICO is the main crowd sale of the ICO project tokens. Generally, most of the project's tokens are supposed to be sold in this phase, because the marketing impulse has reached its maximum and most of the potential investors already have the information about the ICO tokens sale. The investment confidence is at its most significant level since the ICO has survived through the earlier stages and already succeed with a critical first funding stage, most of the time reaching over the soft cap at this stage already. The main sale of the ICO generally does not offer any discounts for the tokens, because the ICO campaign is in a more high-level stage and seems like a lower risk for the investors.

How to invest in ICO project and get the tokens?
First of all, do complex research about the ICO project you are interested in. We don't explain in details here but it's reasonable that you must do your own research to be sure that the ICO is a good and trustworthy project.
After you finish your ICO analysis and you are 100% sure with investing in this active ICO, you must open fiat-accepting cryptocrurrency exchange to change it to the currency like ETH or BTC. But some of the ICO projects accept fiat currencies too. You are also required to download a private wallet (for example, MyEtherWallet) since the regular exchange wallets are unsuitable.
The investor must follow guide on how to participate project on the website of an active ICO. We also advise to follow the social accounts of the active ICO, usually, it's a Telegram. There investors can ask questions, get help about participating in ICO or receive new updates from the team.

DISCLAIMER all information is provided for informational purposes only. TOP Experts do not provide recommendations on investments (read more).