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An ICO expert is an individual analyst or group that makes investment analysis of startups based on blockchain technology, conducts ICO analysis in return for a payment or for free. An initial coin offering expert is a specialist who analysis and renders ICO projects to customers based on their economic and marketing situation, team, previous rounds, list of advisors, etc. Unlike an investment advisor were defined by the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 as "any person or group that makes investment recommendations or conducts securities analysis in return for a fee through direct management of client assets", ICO experts provide services only through the media publications[ПW1] . [ПW2] ICO experts typically provide clients/customers with “advice” about initial coin offering projects, regardless of the licenses and certificates they hold and the education they have had. ICO experts are also referred to as an "ICO advisor" and could alternatively be spelled as "ICO adviser".

Breaking Down 'ICO expert'
Initial coin offering experts work as professionals within the ICO industry by presenting guidance to customers in exchange for specific payments or for free.
Venture capital companies focused on fin-tech and blockchain startups are usually included in the definition of ICO experts. Most ICO experts charge either a fixed price for their services or a percentage of the ICO capitalization being evaluated. Sometimes, there are conflicts of interest between ICO experts and their customers, when the expert promotes low-quality ICOs. But basically expert will only gain more if the customers' asset base invested in ICOs grows as a result of the expert's advice and ICOs selection. Topexperts rating helps to define the more transparent experts. This experts rating is based on the ROI efficiency in short and long terms. ICO campaign success also depends on evaluation of the experts with high social engagement.

ICO experts Customers
Customers can refer to various clients using the ICO expert’s services. This can include private investors as well as corporate clients, but more often it is ICO projects since they are looking for promotion from industry experts. Additionally, customers may have investment portfolios of any size to qualify as a customer as long as any minimum requirements set forth by the ICO expert or the associated venture capital firms have been met.

ICO expert Regulation
ICO experts are not regulated in any country by any government agency and are not required to file regular reports to the aforementioned regulators. In fact, ICO expert’s service is a consulting.

DISCLAIMER all information is provided for informational purposes only. TOP Experts do not provide recommendations on investments (read more).