algorithmically evaluates the investment efficiency of top-100 influencers on the crypto market in the long and short term.


TOPExperts was created to identify the most effective crypto influencers and potential ICO / STO projects.

Regularly every investor faces unfair overstated rates of low-quality projects and their promotion from influential people, rating agencies and analysts. The result of such fraudulent manipulations is the loss of investors' money and the frustration of the ICO/STO project market.

The transparent rating of experts is based on their top scores and ROI ICO / STO projects for FLIP and HOLD investment strategies. The TOPExperts rating makes the ICO / STO projects market and influencers reviews more transparent. Therefore, it protects investors from low-quality, fraudulent projects, and corrupt analysts.

TOPEperts is an automatic rating of experts and projects in the ICO/STO market, considering the social, analytical weight of the experts and ICO ROI in the long/short-term and level of investors trust.

The portal is intended to provide transparent information about influencers, rating agencies, analytics, and ICO/STO projects.

Service collects data from crypto experts and represents it in a useful table form with all the sorting options needed. 

We've made this service for crypto investors looking for the easiest and the most profitable way to invest in ICO / STO projects.

Features of the

  • The full listing of crypto influencers and ICO/STO projects

  • Unbiased analytics of the ICO market influencers, considering their ROI, social weight and level of investors trust.

  • Impartial rating of the TOP ICO/STO projects

  • Open rating methodology based on objective criteria only

  • Detailed information about each crypto influencers with the full history of the analytical activity

  • Detailed information about each ICO / STO, with influencers  involved and ratings assigned

  • Daily updated ratings of experts and projects

  • Telegram Alerts channel with immediate notification about NEW TOP SCORES from TOP20 influencers

Service will help to navigate within the huge variety of ICO analysis and will simplify the task to monitor them. Now investors have the reliable tool to avoid crypto scammers.

You can find a more detailed description of the methodology of rating calculation in the Methodology page.

If the ICO is suspected for the fraud it temporarily loses its rating and gets under strict review.

We'll be more than happy to answer your questions in our official Telegram group. And feel free to join our Telegram channel to get instant updates of the new scores and ICO.

Wish you profitable investments in ICO!

DISCLAIMER all information is provided for informational purposes only. TOP Experts do not provide recommendations on investments (read more).